New Car Paintwork Protection
State of the art ceramic protection for your new vehicle
Prices from £495 - Duration 1 to 2 days

The ultimate in protection for your paintwork and interior

There's not many things more exciting than ordering a brand new car. However over the last 5 or 6 years we noticed a massive increase in our clients contacting us to say that they were disappointed in the overall finish of their cars on delivery from the dealerships, asking if it was something that we could rectify with our paint correction service. On top of that they were also being offered various sealant technologies and could we give an insight into what was actually being sold to them.

We were quite frankly shocked to see that most dealerships were damaging their brand new cars with poor wash techniques and equipment and offering outdated, re-branded polymer sealants at massively inflated prices......... So our new car paint protection service was born.

First of all we will remove all airborne contaminants that settle on the car during transportation, we then machine polish the paintwork to permanently remove any scratches and imperfections that the car picks up during transportation and dealership PDI (pre delivery inspection). This correction process brings the paintwork back to a natural high gloss shine. To protect that flawless glossy finish we will then add the latest in ceramic coating technology . This coating bonds directly with the molecules in the paint, forming a tough durable ultra glossy shell that sets harder than the actual paintwork itself. This provides the paintwork with a coating that has a higher resistance to scratching than a standard finished car , a finish that is incredibly low maintenance , in fact you don't even need to wax it after you've washed it

You have a choice of 2 ceramic coat finishes , our standard ceramic which will last circa 2 years on a daily driver or our new triple layer ceramic which can last up to 5 years, we can discuss these options when you contact us to book your car in.

Our promise

We will present your new car to you looking stunning and glossy , as a new car should be , the dealerships simply cannot compete with our skillset, technology or the quality of our products, we guarantee that you wont be disappointed once we've prepared your car.